Wolf Conservation and Management Plan Review 2010-11 Yukon Fish and Wildlife Co-Management

In the early 1990s a group of individuals was tasked to create a plan for the Yukon that addressed the public's interest regarding consumptive and non-consumptive uses of wolves in the Yukon.

The Wolf Conservation Management Plan provided guidelines for decisions that ensure the long term survival of wolf populations in Yukon.

The review committee prepared the following background materials to support the review:

1992 Yukon Wolf Conservation and Management Plan Summary (PDF) 626 KB

1992 Yukon Wolf Conservation and Management Plan (PDF) 3.75 MB

Fact Sheet 1 - Yukon Wolves (PDF) 619 KB

Fact Sheet 2 - The Status of Wolves (PDF) 622 KB

Fact Sheet 3 - Wolves in the Ecosystem (PDF) 620 KB

A review of wolf management programs in
Alaska, Yukon, British Columbia, Alberta and
Northwest Territories
(PDF) 212 KB

Aishihik Caribou and Moose Recovery Program Summary (PDF)

Coast Mountains Moose Recovery Program Summary (PDF)

Finlayson Caribou Herd Recovery Program Summary (PDF)

Chisana Caribou Recovery Program Summary (PDF)

Hunting and Trapping Wolves in Yukon - Fact Sheet (PDF)

The Wolf Conservation and Management Plan was developed to ensure that management decisions addressed the public interest regarding the values and uses of wolves.